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That really says it all! If you are fortunate you may never have the need to face the problem of deciding whether you have to sell your real estate or building property. Knowing the expectations and requirements of our clients’ interested property and based upon our client’s needs, we advice for the best property solutions starting from the buying/selling to the after sale service, which ultimately nourishes our work.

Our skill and expertise are used to assist local authorities as well as to promote key schemes to prospective occupiers seeking to identify locations for new facilities. By combining expertise in research, surveying, planning and urban design, we are able to offer customized team in response to clients needs.

Legal Assistance

Sukhdham supports their clients in all kind of legal services by acknowledging the hold of renowned lawyers for diversified services in commercial and residential properties.

Database Management

Sukhdham has a variety of databases on various property markets, their prices, demand, supply and also the relevant byelaws. This database is for external use by the clients and also for internal use for efficient delivery of services to our clients.

Consulting Services
  • Location Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning and Economics
  • Marketing Strategy and Repositioning
  • Advisory to State and Central Government Authorities on real estate matters
Tips to Buy and Sell

Whether you are planning your first purchase or selling your second home, property buying and selling requires a great deal of decision-making. Meticulous planning at the investment stage itself could indeed avoid hassles and many sleepless nights.

Architecture and Interior Design

Considering the interest, tests, lifestyle, and diversified culture, we meet the demands of our clients by making available the contacts of architects and interior designers. This facility makes them feel relaxed.

Real Estate Investment

This hassle free value added facility of real estate investment makes our clients invest in highly potential properties in commercial as well as residential market, which could meet their projected returns in the future.

Home Loans

We believe in releasing our clients worries when they step up to Sukhdham. Our contacts with several private and nationalize banks provide the loan facility at clients’ convenience. This value added service to our clients makes them feel delighted.

Quality Policy

We shall respect and recognize our client’s right to receive quality service, quick, on time and within the budget.

We shall strive to enhance the standard of our professionals to serve our clients better with proactive approach.

In our dealings, we shall demonstrate high degree of professionalism and maintain high level of integrity and courtesy towards our customers and employees.

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